Google fires engineer who contended its AI technology was sentient

Google has fired the engineer who claimed an unreleased AI system had become sentient, the company confirmed, saying he violated employment and data security policies.

How An Icelandic Brand Is Building A More Sustainable Omega-3 Supplement

Corinna Bellizzi worked at one of the biggest fish oil-based omega-3 supplement companies for years. "...No one ever asked where those fish were getting their source of omega-3,” she says. At Orlo Nutrition, alongside co-founders Ohad Bashan and Isaac Berzin, she's working to unravel that misnomer.

Top US general says China’s military has become more aggressive to...

The most senior US general has issued a stark warning about China's military intentions toward the US and allies in the region, saying Beijing has become more aggressive and the number of Chinese intercepts at sea and in the air have "increased significantly" in recent years.

Has Mark Cuban, The Smartest Shark, Started The End Of Pitch...

When business schools realized that reading business plans was too much work, they pivoted from plan contests to pitch competitions. But can anyone forecast potential from a pitch (or from a plan)? Hopefully, Cuban has driven a stake through the heart of pitch and plan competitions.

Eboo Patel And The Vision For An Interfaith America

One of America’s most recognized interfaith leaders on creating a diverse democracy and why we need to build.

Nine Work Habits That Can Improve Your Productivity And Focus

The key is to find advice that works for you and your lifestyle.