Eight Simple And Beneficial Ways To Support Your Fellow Entrepreneurs

Making an active effort to support the entrepreneurial community can be game-changing for your company’s growth.

Hybrid Leads the Way for HIMSS21

HealthTech joined HIMSS21 virtually for innovative digital programming from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. The healthcare IT conference and exhibition went hybrid in August — with sessions happening live in Las Vegas and streaming online — after its cancellation in 2020. Topics included emerging technologies, data management, digital transformation, cybersecurity and virtual care. “The biggest issue that…

What Leaders Can Learn From Self-Compassion

Leaders are notorious for being our own harshest critics: But what if we replaced self-criticism with self-compassion? Kristin Neff, a self-compassion expert, explains why being kind to yourself isn't selfish (and isn't doing whatever you feel like) and the benefits for everyone, especially leaders.

Evergrande has made a key bond payment that keeps it out...

Evergrande has made a crucial payment that allows it to stay out of default, at least for now, according to Chinese state media.

60% Of Water Wells Fail In Africa. An App Aims To...

Many water well systems in African communities fail, largely due to poor maintenance. Now Well Beyond, a newly launched subsidiary of nonprofit Well Aware, has an app to help communities diagnose problems with their water systems and maintain them on their own.