Vitana X Inc., with its headquarters in Switzerland and the USA, recently launched a new innovative product. A dedicated team of scientists and medical professionals, from the areas of “Functional Medicine” set the ambitious goal of developing a highly effective top product with the clear goal of sustainably strengthening the human immune system. The only requirement was that the formula should only consist of natural components. With this in mind, the experts brought all of their knowledge from decades of research and combined the most valuable natural active ingredients into a new, highly effective, liquid active ingredient formula.


IMMUNE-X from the VITANA X “VITApure” product line intends to open up a new approach to support the human immune system, especially that of the mucous membranes, at the intracellular level. The two-component combination formula “IMU Complex & LQR Complex” therefore contains a highly effective blend of active ingredients, which has been made highly bioavailable through a special biotechnological process (micellization). According to the developers, the synergistic effects of the natural active ingredients curcumin, frankincense, OPC and the extract of licorice root in combination with vitamin C (retarded) – all in one liquid essence – guarantee a completely new action spectrum, in conjunction with the award-winning technology.

The antiviral properties of glycyrrhizin or glycyrrhizic acid, a saponin and triterpenoid, which occurs naturally in the roots of the licorice root, are particularly promising. The synergetic effect with the polyphenol curcumin and the resin extract from the frankincense tree (Boswellia) would have a very strong anti-inflammatory effect.

NNS – Nutra Nano Spheres

In developing the liquid VITANA X products, an award-winning technology is used, which grants the currently most biophysical bioavailability and purity. Through a unique and patented biotechnological process, the active ingredients are made water-soluble by micellization and thus highly bioavailable (> 95%). Glycerol esters of the root resin are used, which ensure great stability of the micelles. VITANA X deliberately does not use polysorbates and PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil. The active substance molecules exist in their smallest form – referred to in technical jargon as “NutraNanoSpheres” – and are brought directly to their destination in our organism through our own so-called „waterway”.

Award Winning Innovation

The patented process received the highly coveted Pharma Award in 2018. The so-called “encapsulated” state of the molecules leads to a high thermal, mechanical, sensory and microbiological stability. It is now also guaranteed that the ingested natural substance passes through the gastrointestinal passage without being destroyed or changed by the stomach acid. The effect of this water-soluble dosage form has been scientifically proven and enables individual and highly precise delivery of concentrated natural formulas.

VITANA X has been entrusted with the development of various vitamin, mineral and protein products, all of which are based on this patented process. VITANA X would like to play an essential role in the area of ​​research, education and also the production of suitable products that achieve significant efficacy through structural cell mobility and maximum bioavailability.

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