Iran nuclear talks to restart as US emphasizes it’s ‘prepared to...

The US and its allies restart Iran nuclear talks on Monday unsure how Tehran's new government will approach negotiations, not optimistic about the prospects ahead and emphasizing that if diplomacy fails, the US is "prepared to use other options."

Japan adds $6.75 billion to military budget in rush to bolster...

Japan plans to add $6.75 billion to its already record annual military spending in a rush to bolster air and maritime defenses as it becomes more concerned about threats posed by China and North Korea.

New Zealand politician cycles to hospital in labor, gives birth

New Zealand Member of Parliament Julie Anne Genter got on her bicycle early on Sunday and headed to the hospital. She was already in labor, and she gave birth an hour later.

One Way Startup Idea Validation Tests Can Deceive You

Idea validation tests are often taken to an extreme, and this could be dangerous if done carelessly.

China’s crackdown on Hong Kong fuels fears in Taiwan

As China cracked down on the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, the Taiwanese public watched on anxiously. Some fear they could be next to see harsher clampdowns as China steps up pressure on the democratic island of 24 million to "unify" with the mainland. CNN's Will Ripley reports.

Why wiping out Hong Kong’s opposition may have cost China a...

• US lawmakers defy China by meeting with officials in Taiwan